Collecting Plates

In big industrial processes where gas streams have to be smooth, collecting electrodes are used for electrostatic charging of particles and subsequent collection of the charged material onto collection surfaces in the gas stream. Collecting Electrodes form passages center of which discharge electrodes are suspended.

Collecting Electrodes are shaped to provide quiescent zones to prevent the collected dust from being entrained by the gas stream. Collecting Electrode guarantees a very even gas distribution wth a low pressure loss and minimum expenditure on material.

The air is also cleaned due to collection of solid articles or liquid droplets from gas streams. The collecting plates are periodically rapped by mechanical rappers to dislodge dust, which then drop into hopper below. It takes between 0.01 and 0.1 second for dust particles to acquire a change in the corona region. It is capable of removing particles in the size range 0.01-10 microns and can achieve efficiencies in the neighborhood of 90%.