Discharge Electrodes

The discharge electrode is the heart of any electrostatic precipitator and its characteristics are the key to the ESP performance. Its annealed copper nails ensure sharp corona point over along time. Most advantage of D.E is higher corona generation and lower corona onset voltage.

ABR enviro systems offers for many Precipitator designs. The standard Emitting Electrode is designed for longer life with a high tensile strength. For Discharge Electrodes of all type ESP’s, the shrouded hook ends of Electrodes are manufactured with the Electrode wire inserted through the shroud prior to forming the hook, thus eliminating the requirement for crimping. We manufacture different designs of Discharge Electrodes to OEM standards, using varieties of raw materials. There are many more designs & shapes of Discharge Electrodes, which are part of our product range, but not displayed below. Please contact us for all your requirements of Discharge / Emitting Electrodes.