Hopper Heater

Ferrite core based high frequency transformer rectifier (hftr) unit is a high voltage switch mode power supply (smps) unit for electro static precipitator (esp). It supplies a smooth and ripple free high voltage dc into the esp field using the small internal capacitance of the fields. It improves the efficiency of esp than the conventional thyristor controlled tr set. The hftr is powered by a micro-controller based igbt controlled panel. The supply voltage of the panel is 3 phase 415 v 50 / 60 hz. Schematic diagram of the operation as below:

efficiencies that are particularly important for applications involving toxic dusts or where air is being re-circulated. A cartridge collector is quite compact relative to the amount of airflow passing through them because of the large amount of media contained in each cartridge.

fine particles emissions are much more dangerous to health than the larger ones. Collecting of fine particles below 10 micro meter (pm10 ) in electro-static precipitators has not been very efficient with conventional system. A new high frequency tr set was developed with a pulse duration below 50 micro-second to used it with existing precipitators the current capability had to be in the ka range. It is possible to generate a high charge density in the electrode area, which leads increase charging of the fine particles. Flash over / sparks are mainly avoided due to the short pulse duration. Data can be recorded on a real time precipitation in any esp