Timer cards

The sequential controller provides the time sequential energization of pilot valve used on the dust collector equipment. The number of sequenced steps is adjustable from 2 to 40. Controls are provided to adjust the length of time between valves being energized (Pulse Frequency) and the length of time that the next valve is energized (Pulse Duration) Two independent method of starting and stopping the controller are provided The first method will automatically stop the sequence and reset the controller to the first valve position whenever AC power is removed and then reconnected .The second method is by a remote control contact connected to the terminals provided .

Product Details
When the remote contact is opened the sequence stops .When the remote contact is re-closed ,the sequence continues from the previous position eliminating repeated cleaning of same rows of filter bags . These features are unique and meet demands of all kind of applications .The card is protected in steel coated. The fire proof enclosure can be provided upon request.. The differential pressure switch can work with this sequential timer to operate the system in demand mode from a remote location. An unique combination of DP switch controlled sequential timer can be provided for processes with variable load during operation .The cleaning is initiated upon reaching high DP and stopped upon achieving low DP .This arrangement saves compressed air and also enhances filter bags life. DP switch is not a part of this system.