ABR ENVIRO SYSTEMS manufactures filter bag cages for all major air pollution control systems manufacturer, OEM’s and End users markets both in India and across the world. Today we are India’s leading filter cage manufacturer.

In times, we have invested heavily in automated machinery, QA/QC procedures. We provide a wide range of configurations to best fulfill your needs. Cages are produced in a variety of metals, coatings and techniques.

Our objective is to provide a fully integrated design, manufacture supply filter product & services allowing customers to shop from a single source.

Products range & Manufacturing Capabilities
ABR Enviro manufactures a complete range of standard & non-standard cage designs to suit the customer’s requirements and all types of filter bags. Cage configuration for circular, diamond, oval, flat and star shaped can be designed and worked in a variety of metal-grades of mild steel, stainless steel and other specialist alloys.

We manufacture our cages on CNC controlled welding machines to automate production process ensuring efficient & high quality products.

The machines have multiple spot heads that increases our production rate and reduces our lead time.

We have implemented rigorous QA procedures, which involve cage and components inspection throughout all stages of production to the finished product.

Designs Materials Finishes Wire Range

Snap bandType Collar Type Split Type


Galvanized /Electroplating HR Paint

Ring Wire Dia. from 3 mm to 5 mm and no. of vertical wires ranging
from6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24 and as required by customer