Spot Bag Filter Systems

  • The dust being separated inside the filter is continuously returned into the product stream thus preventing a mixing of different types of dust.
  • Spot filter delivers the cleaned air where the dust-laden air was removed. In this way, no pressure differentials will occur between the production rooms.
  • The amount of aspiration air is automatically adjusted by the built-on fan, depending on the extent of leakiness.
  • The large suction intake involves a very low admission speed, thus minimizing turbulence and dust circulation.
  • In the event of fire in a machine with built-on spot filter, the filter will not act as a connecting link to other machines.
  • Spot filters are just as suitable for extension of existing central aspiration plants as they are for building up complete plants, only based on spot filters.
  • With spot filters, existing plants are easily extended. New machines calling for dust aspirations are equipped with separate spot filters, and thus do not interfere with existing aspiration systems.